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  1. Oldness makes you ramble too, sorry.
  2. Popular music is predicated on the attractions of newness, the current classical business on the attractions of oldness.
  3. Even as the old reliables demonstrated their, well, oldness, some energetic newcomers initiated their own series.
  4. Look when one read a wiki article, one may aware the oldness of the info, and react it.
  5. Its newness, or better its anti-oldness, encapsulates more or less everything 20th-century composers have ever tried to do.
  6. :It's only one color off from the color code for bread oldness used in some U . S . grocery stores.
  7. The crampedness, oldness and ekedness of the field, so unlike most American terra firma, itself communicates a sense of human determination and toil.
  8. But other scientists dispute the evidence of " oldness " in Dolly's cells and question whether it really ever portended a shortened lifespan.
  9. But for me, gazing on the oldness, the wornness, the scuffed and torn surfaces of those bags felt like a collision with the past itself.
  10. The capital city's ancient landmarks _ the Coliseum, the Forum, the site of the Circus Maximus _ are magnificent in their architecture and their very oldness.


  1. the quality of being old; the opposite of newness
  2. the opposite of youngness

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