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  1. To the North East of the village can be found Oldland Mill.
  2. The question of how to preserve Oldland Mill was raised.
  3. It was served by stopping trains to Oldland Common.
  4. Oldland Common was first mentioned in the " Domesday Book " of 1086.
  5. Oldland had played in the Gloucestershire County League on-and-off since 1974.
  6. "' Oldland Common "'is a railway station on the Avon Valley Railway.
  7. Work progressed slowly over the years restoring the heavily vandalised buildings and laying track north towards Oldland Common and Warmley.
  8. Other local churches include the Oldland Methodist Church ( shown in photograph above ) and the small United Reformed Church.
  9. It also covered parts of South Gloucestershire to the east of Bristol, including Bitton, Longwell Green and Oldland Common.
  10. They reached the Les Phillips Cup Final again in 2009 but lost 2 1 to a late goal against Oldland Abbotonians.

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