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  1. Good chicken salad will be served cold, be nicely creamy without oiliness.
  2. Deja says, " the smoothness, the oiliness, that I got into Jafar.
  3. Two panelists commented on the oiliness; one characterized the chip as " almost chewy ."
  4. The only difference is that oil is added to the salad, reflecting the Burmese preference to oiliness.
  5. Increased oiliness of the skin and hair and mild ovaries and peripheral tissues become more important sources of androgens.
  6. They have to re-touch [ make-ups ] in every scene due to perspiration and oiliness.
  7. Kinnear undeniably has something going for him, an ease, an oiliness _ what you might call natural smarm.
  8. Type, texture, seasoning and degree of oiliness give each type olive its distinct taste, " Wolfert said.
  9. Another challenge was the excessive oiliness of the bones, which caused them to turn deep yellow and smell unpleasant.
  10. These include adult-type body odor, increased oiliness of skin and hair, bone maturation, and facial hair.
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  1. smug self-serving earnestness
    synonyms:, , , ,
  2. consisting of or covered with oil

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