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लेख्य प्रमाणक
लेखापत्र प्रमाणकारी
हुंडी आदि दस्तावेजों की तस्दीक करने वाला ओहदेदार
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  1. Or, if you want, a lawyer and a notary.
  2. Or even, a lawyer, a notary and a bagel.
  3. The notary's sister was trying to leave the cult.
  4. Interfax said Stepanov was in charge of monitoring lawyers and notaries.
  5. Australian notaries do not hold " commissions " which can expire.
  6. The governing body is the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland.
  7. Malatesta fetches the supposed notary, as servants arrange a table.
  8. The Notary Public was named as Ma�tre Patrick Francis Jourdan Freeman.
  9. From 1840 to 1857 he practised as a notary in Hamburg.
  10. In May 1893 the Faculty of Notaries and Public Court Clerks.
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