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नोटरी-संबंधी दस्तावेज
notarial:    नोटरी-संबंधी
document:    पत्री प्रलेख लेख
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  1. The original dedication was to Santa Maria di Matera, as recorded in a contemporary notarial document.
  2. In 1698 Jan signed a notarial document authorising the sale of a house at Voorburg that had belonged to his deceased father-in-law.
  3. The existence of many of the other villages is known only from militia lists, ecclesiastical or notarial documents, or lists of lost villages compiled by scholars such as Giovanni Francesco Abela.
  4. His main source for the people and processes of this early period were notarial documents, often property transfers and other types of legal agreements, which gave insight into the formation and function of Spanish colonial society.
  5. The area around the chapel was referred to as " Santa Cecilie del Mugiarro " or in variants of that name in notarial documents dated 1424 and 1569 . The surrounding area is still known as " ta'Santa
  6. This Spanish Mestizo was a philanthropist who bestowed upon the natives of the Santo Cristo neighborhood the lot where an " ermita " or Bisita was built for religious and liturgical needs of the townsfolk, per a notarial Document dated August 1, 1881.
  7. After starting his career in Antwerp he moved to Amsterdam where he is mentioned in 1649 . He died, possibly in Amsterdam, between August 1649, the date on which he reported the theft of a still life from his Amsterdam studio and 19 October 1654, the date of a notarial document in which his wife is referred to as a widow.
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