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  1. The large size of WLH 50 makes it superficially look like the Ngandong skull, he says.
  2. Among the major fossil troves of Java are a dozen human skulls unearthed in a place called Ngandong in central Java.
  3. To their own astonishment, however, Curtis and Swisher found that the Ngandong skulls are only about 50, 000 years old.
  4. Fossils of " P . t . soloensis " have been found primarily in the village of Ngandong, hence the common name.
  5. Swisher explained in an interview that he had dug a test trench at the Ngandong site, on a terrace at the bend in the Solo River.
  6. Replacement theory predicts that Late Pleistocene Africans and Levantines are direct ancestors of WHL-50 and that Ngandong hominids are not direct ancestors of WHL-50.
  7. Wolpoff's graduate student John Hawks and his colleagues compared dozens of features on WLH 50 with an earlier Homo erectus skull from Ngandong in Java and an early African skull.
  8. The region has yielded several hominid fossils around Sambungmacan, Ngandong and Trinil, including the first Homo erectus bones discovered by the Dutch physician Eugene Dubois in 1891 and originally named Java Man.
  9. Speculation surrounds the exact age of this fossil hominid and a debate concerning its ancestry in relation to other late Pleistocene hominids, as well as, Ngandong hominids due to their close resemblance to one another.
  10. As one who has studied the skulls at Ngandong, one of the two sites, and compared them with early Australian H . sapiens, Wolpoff said the idea of an ancestral " link between them is incontrovertible ."

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