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  1. Ng's attorneys said seven cameras had tracked his movements.
  2. Ng Fung Hong dominates the Hong Kong market in imported livestock.
  3. That helps companies such as Ng Fung Hong weather economic slumps.
  4. Nancy Ng was at work when she received her phone call.
  5. The lo ng term rating remained " accumulate ".
  6. Ng said she has come to love both skating and acting.
  7. Ng said Singapore's growth will be modest next year.
  8. HONG KONG's market is closed for Tuen Ng Festival.
  9. Ng said, in response to a question about financing expansion.
  10. Irene Ng wrote in the Straits Times of Singapore in March.


  1. one billionth (1/1,000,000,000) gram

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