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mouth breathing sentence in Hindi

mouth:    मुँह खोलना चेहरा
breathing:    सांस लेना श्वसन
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  1. Chronic mouth breathing in children may have implications on dental and facial growth.
  2. The local factors include poor oral hygiene, mouth breathing, food impaction.
  3. In about 85 % of cases, mouth breathing is an adaptation to nasal obstruction.
  4. Mouth breathing may be called abnormal when an individual breathes through the mouth even during rest.
  5. They usually show mouth breathing and protruded tongue because of smaller nasal passage and underdeveloped mid face.
  6. Airway obstruction and the open-mouth breathing that often results can cause crooked teeth and misaligned jaws, Kendrick said.
  7. The following other conditions are also associated with mouth breathing : cheilitis glandularis, anterior open bite, sleep apnea, and snoring.
  8. It also may cause gingivitis ( inflamed gums ) and halitosis ( bad breath ), especially upon waking if mouth breathing occurs during sleeping.
  9. Malocclusion of the teeth ( e . g ., " crowded teeth " ) is also suggested to result from chronic mouth breathing in children.
  10. Various other animals like sheep, swine, and guinea pigs were also found to suffer from Cyanosis and open-mouth breathing under experimental conditions in sheep, swine, and guinea pigs.
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