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[ 'mu:nˌlaitiŋ ] sound:
moonlighting sentence in Hindi
• चंद्रिका
• चांदनी
• चाँदनी
• चांदनी में होने वाला
• चांदनी का
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  1. Just make sure the instructor isn't some moonlighting librarian.
  2. Pataki's moonlighting has repeatedly raised questions about his credibility.
  3. His DLJ superiors say they have no problem with his moonlighting.
  4. Some of the moonlighting thespians in leading parts do get paid.
  5. So he has been moonlighting as a storekeeper for seven years.
  6. And you'll earn extra cash from moonlighting assignments too.
  7. But working as a gold buyer on contract is only moonlighting.
  8. Various techniques have been used to reveal moonlighting functions in proteins.
  9. Contractual provisions limiting employees moonlighting activities are, however, permissible.
  10. "Baywatch, " and " Moonlighting ."
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