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  1. Sometimes the description is meaninglessly vague, and sometimes it hits the mark.
  2. Tide rolls is clearly in excess of his limits now and is meaninglessly being aggressive towards everyone.
  3. I'm using the expression to indicate that the words are meaninglessly decontextualised with no theoretical value.
  4. Why don't you do something useful instead of sniping meaninglessly, wikistalking and making patently silly reverts?
  5. He lambasted the attack for operating " without object & mdash; hopelessly and meaninglessly " throughout the day.
  6. He said that the attack " functioned without object & mdash; hopelessly and meaninglessly " throughout the day.
  7. The last 20 years witnessed an explosion of information providers, referred to meaninglessly as the " media ."
  8. And this, on violence : " There's no solution to it . . . . People are meaninglessly wicked sometimes ."
  9. Meaning that your whinging about what you allege to be false accusations of rules violations is meaninglessly minor in the face of your hundreds admitted rules violations.
  10. Furthermore, Kataoka argues that few, if any, women featured in American ads are portrayed laughing meaninglessly or appearing bored like many of their Japanese counterparts.

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