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[ 'mi:niŋfulnis ] sound:
meaningfulness sentence in Hindi
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  1. Traditions are followed because without them political difficulties can arise. That is why they complete the meaningfulness of the constitution. We can see the most developed and effective form of them in Britain.
    पंरपराए इस लिए पालित की जाती है क्योंकि उनके अभाव मे राजनैतिक कठिनाइया आ सकती है इसी कारण उन्हें संविधान का पूरक माना जाता हैब्रिटेन मे हम इनका सबसे विकसित तथा प्रभावशाली रूप देख सकते है


  1. the quality of having great value or significance

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