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  1. Heterothallic strains of different mating type can conjugate to form zygospores.
  2. Isolates of complementary mating types are required for sex to occur.
  3. Syngamy can only take place between gametes carrying different mating types.
  4. This organism also has a mating type dependent characterised sexual cycle.
  5. Some fungi have " thousands " of mating types.
  6. Detection and phylogenetic analysis of mating type genes of Ophiosphaerella korrae.
  7. Reproduction regulated by mating types is especially prevalent in fungi.
  8. Two mating types, A1 and A2, exist for Phytophthora colocasiae.
  9. "Phycomyces " have two mating types that are indistinguishable morphologically.
  10. Sugarcane smut is bipolar and therefore produces two different mating types of sporida.
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