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  1. The office of Matins is composed of one to three nocturns.
  2. "Responsoria " occur in both Matins and Vespers.
  3. Matins, Lauds and Compline usually occur during the night hours.
  4. In the Benedictine office, matins followed the Roman liturgy quite closely.
  5. Matins or the Office of Readings is the longest hour.
  6. The Matins Gospel read on Great Feasts of the Theotokos is always.
  7. They should refrain from singing Matins and other Latin hymns.
  8. That night, the Matins of Lamentation is normally celebrated in the evening.
  9. Matins is the longest and most complex of the daily cycle of services.
  10. The Matins Gospel read on this day is from the Gospel of Matthew.
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  1. the first canonical hour; at daybreak

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