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  1. The mating system of the hare has been described as both promiscuous.
  2. The mating system is polygamous; many females will only mate once, however.
  3. Various types of mating systems include monogamy, polygyny, polyandry, promiscuity, and polygamy.
  4. People from the sexual selection or mating system teams could add this.
  5. The burrowing parrot has a monogamous mating system with very strong biparental care.
  6. Interestingly, cooperative polyandry is not the only mating system found in these primates.
  7. This mating system, dependent upon these assumptions, became known as " panmixia ".
  8. It is also highly polygynous, an unusual mating system for passerines.
  9. These friendships may play a role in the mating system of chacma baboons.
  10. Organisms with polygynous mating systems are controlled by one dominant male.
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