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material:    मसाला आर्थिक होना
account:    विवरण कारण
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  1. Global sourcing of raw materials accounts for some of the container crisis.
  2. CFRP materials account for 65 percent of the LFA's body composition by mass.
  3. As it is, though, raw materials account for just 10 percent of costs.
  4. The Australian dollar often tracks commodity prices because raw materials account for more than half of the country's exports.
  5. A Federal Express spokesman said radioactive materials account for only one half of one percent of the material the company handles.
  6. Raw materials account for more than two-thirds of Australia's exports, so higher commodities prices often boosts confidence in the country's currency.
  7. Other applications, such as strapping tape, injection-moulded engineering components and even building materials account for 13 % of the 2010 RPET production.
  8. Labor and raw materials account for 70 per cent of total turnover .-- Lisa Jane O'Neil in Hanoi ( 844 ) 266 122
  9. White's material accounts for about half of the artifacts in the auction, which Ettinger has estimated would bring at least $ 5 million.
  10. He charges $ 14.95 a pie, and materials account for 24 percent of that, compared with 28 or 29 percent for most other kinds of pizza.
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