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  1. By early 1795, Glenie was no longer involved in the masting business.
  2. The interaction between disturbance by fire and masting is key to boreal mixedwood forest.
  3. Masting refers to a concerted abundance of seed production followed by a period of paucity.
  4. There was even a proposal for a high crane, to replace masting sheers at Woolwich.
  5. "The half-masting of the Union flag is at the queen's request.
  6. "Mr . Griffeths [ sic ] relates a good story about the masting of this vessel.
  7. Alterations in the masting and rigging of small ( unrated ) combatants were not infrequent at this time.
  8. Seed masting is an example of how plant populations are able to temporally regulate the severity of seed predation.
  9. "The half-masting of the union flag is at the queen's request, " a palace spokesman said.
  10. The story begins deep in oak forests where every few years oak trees undergo a process called masting, when they produce a bumper crop of acorns.

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