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  1. The maximum masticatory force in some people may reach up to .;
  2. Masticatory pain will not be arrested by a conventional mandibular local anesthetic block.
  3. Their masticatory margins lack distinct " teeth ".
  4. The first device for measuring masticatory force ( gnathodynamometer ) was created by Dr . Bleck.
  5. The result of Dr . Nankali work shows a constant changes in the amount of masticatory force.
  6. According to Steller, these plates, or " masticatory bones ", were held together by arteries.
  7. In patients with OMD, involuntary contractions may involve the muscles used for chewing ( masticatory muscles ).
  8. According to this systematization, the masticatory force is divided in two main groups, physiological and pathological groups.
  9. Dr . Ali Nankali continued the masticatory force study and observed a number of mastication acts by individuals using computer.
  10. According to this systematization, the force of Masticatory is divided in two main groups, with physiological or pathological condition.

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