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  1. The jaw elevator muscles develop the main forces used in mastication.
  2. Situated beneath the mandibles, paired maxillae manipulate food during mastication.
  3. The mouth parts are not suited either for mastication or suction.
  4. Periodontal system controls automatically the measure of mastication force in mentioned process.
  5. The report also showed that he had difficult with mastication and pain.
  6. Its tusks contacted the lower jaw during propalinal mastication.
  7. They are good for your general health and helps to maintain your mastication function.
  8. Optimal amino acid intake occurs through abundant saliva production and gentle and slow mastication.
  9. The function of this premolar is to assist the mandibular first molar during mastication.
  10. These odontocetes have an inferred bite and tear style of eating with limited mastication.

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