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  1. The magatama are actually the sacred treasure of the Furude Shrine.
  2. Magatama became very common in the Kofun period, ca.
  3. It is made of leaves that are shaped like commas or magatama.
  4. They also wear or carry beads and a magatama stone.
  5. They lack the uniformity of design found in magatama produced in later periods.
  6. Tamanoya no mikoto remains the kami god of magatama, glasses, and cameras.
  7. With the five magatama in hand, Seimei's true intent is revealed.
  8. Magatama were commonly used to create necklaces and bracelets worn on the wrists or ankles.
  9. After Hikaru attains this magatama, a large tsunami appears and throws her into the sea.
  10. The Yayoi period is marked by specific centers specializing in magatama and the widespread trade of magatama.
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