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  1. Geologists call the light minerals felsic and the dark ones mafic.
  2. That magma crystallizes to mafic rocks such as gabbro and basalt.
  3. Of the mafic minerals present, augite is the most common.
  4. This is interlaced with lode and deposits of mafic silicate material.
  5. These basaltic lavas are intruded by narrow mafic and ultramafic sills.
  6. It grows along the banks in cracks in the mafic bedrock.
  7. A lava flow containing mafic andesite is associated with the cone.
  8. The Raialo Group consists predominantly of mafic volcanic and calcareous rocks.
  9. These minerals are typical weathering products of mafic igneous rocks.
  10. However, eclogite and granulite are roughly equivalent mafic rocks.
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