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  1. It is a treatise in conformity with Spanish anti-Machiavellism, proposing a politics free of intrigue and unconnected with bad influences.
  2. But further complications arise from the interference of a power-hungry 19th Century American professor, extraterrestrial creatures known as " Angels "  which is rather a misnomer  and the exploits of the Emperor's Corps of diplomats who refine Machiavellism to unprecedented subtlety.
  3. Also, in his biography " The World of Christopher Marlowe ", David Riggs claims the incident remained with the playwright, and massacres are incorporated into the final acts of three of his early plays, " 1 " and " 2 Tamburlaine " and " The Jew of Malta "-see above for Marlowe and Machiavellism.
  4. Etymologically, his 16th-century contemporaries adopted and used the adjective " Machiavellian " ( elaborately cunning ), often in the introductions of political tracts offering more than government by  Reasons of State, most notably those of Jean Bodin and Giovanni Botero; while contemporary, pejorative usage of "'Machiavellian "'( "'anti-Machiavellism "'in the 16th century ) is a misnomer describing " someone who deceives and manipulates others for gain "; ( personal or not, the gain is immaterial, only action matters, insofar as it effects results ) . " The Prince " hasn t the moderating themes of his other works; politically,  Machiavelli denotes someone of politically-extreme perspective; however Machiavellianism remains a popular speech and journalism usage; while in psychology, it denotes a personality type.

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