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  1. Macer also wrote a history of Rome, in 16 books.
  2. This writer modeled their style after Valerius Antias and Licinius Macer.
  3. The Lord President's Mace is borne by the Falkland Macer.
  4. He is cited by the jurists Macer and Herennius Modestinus.
  5. But prize money isn't what's important, Macer said.
  6. Past guests have included : Joe Macer, Bert Atkinson and Rachel Branning.
  7. And Macer's handsome, broad-faced portrayal of Robinson radiates wily charisma.
  8. But the new emperor looked at Macer with mistrust, fearing another rebellion against himself.
  9. John Forsyth was appointed the king's macer in 1538 and later Falkland Pursuivant.
  10. Eliza Broad n�e Macer and three sons.
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  1. an official who carries a mace of office

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