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  1. We brunoise, macedoine, parmentier.
  2. The French make it, too, but their macedoine doesn't engender quite the same passion.
  3. Macedoine once earned $ 2 a day at a U . S . sewing factory until the total trade embargo imposed this spring closed its doors.
  4. This puts six basic cuts in classic cuisine _ medium dice, large dice, macedoine cubes, baton cubes, paysanne triangles and matchstick strips _ literally at the chef's fingertips.
  5. Others get by on the shrinking black market, like Sylvaine Macedoine, 32, one of the scores of gas sellers in a downtown quarter known as " Kuwait City " where trucks bring fuel smuggled from the Dominican Republic.
  6. My mission, on this first day of La Technique, the institute's basic course for amateur chefs, was to turn those vegetables into textbook examples of the basic French cuts : juliennes, paysannes, chiffonnades and the nearly invisible specks known as macedoines.
  7. So in her own home _ where raspberries and tiny fraises des bois grow in the garden _ a frequent dessert is an artless salad or macedoine of cut-up fruit, such as peaches, nectarines or apricots, with a few berries thrown into the mix.
  8. If, on the other hand, Dad or a teen in the family fancies gourmet cooking, go for it : macedoine of fruit, huevos rancheros, eggs Benedict, popovers filled with truffled scrambled eggs, pecan coffee cake, currant scones _ pull out all the stops.
  9. As much as I appreciated the painter's drawing skills and his triumphs of color, form and composition, my first thought was of the fresh sea flavor of the pearly meat within the fiery red shell, and how well it would be complemented by a sparkling macedoine of those grapes, melon and peaches.
  10. The word " macedonia " was popularised at the end of the 18th century to refer to mixed fruit salad, alluding to the diverse origin of the people of Macedonia, but the chronology and contemporary sources do not support this interpretation . " Macedoine " can refer to any medley of unrelated things, not necessarily edible.
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  1. mixed diced fruits or vegetables; hot or cold

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