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  1. I was maced, punched and kicked in the head for two minutes.
  2. They are then maced by Emmett, who is then incapacitated by Casey.
  3. As Star lay critically wounded and bleeding, a second officer maced her.
  4. Cling, who was Maced in the face, wrestled Gene to the ground.
  5. But then DeJesus got a call saying that her son had been maced at school.
  6. Except that somewhere on the wrong side of midnight that night, the star goaltender got Maced.
  7. In the lawsuits, prisoners complained of being maced and beaten for no reason and of being served inedible food.
  8. Police jabbed participants with batons, and maced several more before arresting those who would not disperse . 22 people were arrested.
  9. If you've ever been Maced or tear-gassed, you have some idea what Slowik's horseradish can do.
  10. Only one fan actually was able to climb the posts, and when he was pulled down, he was maced and handcuffed.
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