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  1. This makes Pilar jealous, she begins to argue with Gaby.
  2. Gaby automatically feels sympathy and feels guilty for turning Ellie in.
  3. Gaby and Carlos attend the party anyway through the back door.
  4. Renee then tells the women about Gaby's nose job.
  5. Gaby is at a loss for words, and Juanita leaves.
  6. Gaby goes to get the flour and spills some on herself.
  7. Brenda kisses Doug, which Gaby witnesses and she tells Pam.
  8. Gaby shrugged and issued one of those smiles endearing her to Romans.
  9. Ms . Ricci and actresses Gaby Hoffman and Asia Argento showed up.
  10. He has three brothers, including former WBA bantamweight champ Gaby Canizales.
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