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  1. The coastal defense around Boulogne and Oudenburg, the'Litus Saxonicum', remained functional until about 420.
  2. In order to defend against Saxon raiders, the Litus Saxonicum " ( " Saxon Coast " ) on both sides of the English Channel.
  3. Litus, the Portuguese defender, suffered a hairline fracture of his right metatarsal in his foot in the 13th minute and was transported to a hospital.
  4. In the year 1045, King Balduin ( " predium quale visi sumus Liutoldasdorf habere, in comitatu Gotefridi marchionis et foresto Susel iuxta litus Losnicae fluminis situm " ).
  5. Silius Italicus speaks of it as abounding in fish, " litus piscosa Calacte " and its name, though omitted by Antonine Itineraries; but there is considerable difficulty in regard to its position.
  6. The Saxon Shore ( Latin : litus Saxonicum ) was a military command of the late Roman Empire, established during the Crisis of the 3rd Century and consisted of a series of fortifications on both sides of the English channel.
  7. In the 3rd century, on the British side of the English Channel between the estuaries of the Wash and the Solent, a separate military district, the " Litus Saxonicum " was established to repel Saxon pirates and plunderers.
  8. It derives from the Latin noun " litus, litoris ", meaning " shore " . ( The doubled't'is a late medieval innovation and the word is sometimes seen in the more classical-looking spelling'litoral'.)
  9. Balther, the writer of this legend, claims to have derived his information from a biography which he discovered in the monastery of " Helera " on the Moselle-" " Helera, juxta Musellae cuiusdam Fluvii litus situm " "-, also founded by Fridolin, and which, as he was unable to copy it for lack of parchment and ink, he had learned by heart.
  10. Then it became clear that this putsch, and more importantly, the role of the Cossacks in these events, would not be understood without a Cossack prehistory, and so I began with the description of the life of the Don Cossacks just before the beginning of World War I . ( quote from " M . A . Sholokhov : Seminarii ", ( 1962 ) by F . A . Abramovic and V . V . Gura, quoted in " Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov ", by L . L . Litus .)
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