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• श्रृंखलित सूची
linked:    श्रृंखलित सहलग्‍न
list:    कोर क्रम तालिका
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  1. A doubly linked list is easier to write than a splay tree.
  2. This makes algorithms for inserting or deleting linked list nodes somewhat subtle.
  3. Jumps also supported arranging displayed objects into linked lists for quick editing.
  4. As the segs are drawn, they are stored in a linked list.
  5. Strings are typically implemented as Haskell implement them as linked lists instead.
  6. For arbitrarily expanding queues, a linked list approach may be preferred instead.
  7. That is, say you write code for a linked list of integers.
  8. Linked lists and sorting algorithms are great, but they're not your job.
  9. A sparse array as a linked list contains nodes linked to each other.
  10. The advantages and disadvantages of using linked lists are given below.
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