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lineaments sentence in Hindi
• आकृति
• आत्मीयता
• रेखा
• संबंध
• सजातीयता
• विशे
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  1. Over the years Hardin had taken on the lineaments of evil.
  2. It consists of wide double walled sinuous lineaments ( Voyager images.
  3. Lineaments have also been identified on other planets and their moons.
  4. She has laid out the lineaments of her life in three autobiographies.
  5. Another lineament may form the eastern rim of the lava dome complex.
  6. Local fault zones and lineaments also contribute to the geomorphology.
  7. Wolf Island is the southerly island on the lineament.
  8. Mount Pirongia and Mount Karioi are part of a lineament in the group.
  9. The Abberley Hills to their north also form a part of this lineament.
  10. The volcano forms a lineament with Saxani and Isluga.
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