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• वंशज अनुक्रम
lineal:    अनुरेखीय घुस
descent:    वंश परंपरा अवरोह
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  1. Tribal enrollment is based on lineal descent from 1890 and 1895 tribal rolls.
  2. However, it does not claim any direct lineal descent from the original Templar order.
  3. Winnie has a keen interest in her lineal descent and the origins of Dachshunds.
  4. Enrollment is based in lineal descent; that is, the tribe has no minimum blood quantum requirement.
  5. In McVeigh's mind, he is an American patriot-hero in direct lineal descent from George Washington and Samuel Adams.
  6. Tribal enrollment is based in lineal descent from original tribal members; that is, the tribe has no minimum blood quantum requirements.
  7. Among Native American tribes in the United States, tribal enrollment can be determined by lineal descent, as opposed to a minimum blood quantum.
  8. "' Anna Maria Luisa de'Medici "'( 11 August 1667  18 February 1743 ) was the last lineal descent of the House of Medici.
  9. It was redesignated for the 93d Signal Brigade with symbolism revised to reflect correct lineal descent and color of stars on 29 October 1980.
  10. The Aga Khan is believed by his followers to be the 49th Iman of the Ismailis, in direct lineal descent from the Prophet Muhammed.
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