let rip meaning in Hindi

let rip sentence in Hindi
अधिक वेग से बढने देना
अधिक तीव्रता से जाने देना
बिना प्रतिबन्ध के आगे बढना
तीव्र आक्रोशा व्यक्त करना
let:    आज्ञा देना किराए
rip:    कपड़े का फटा हिस्सा
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  1. Throw that popcorn in the air and let rip a scream.
  2. Congratulations guys, you sure know how to let rip.
  3. "Latin " is where the younger crowd lets rip.
  4. The minute I said, ` Try this role,'he let rip.
  5. I think there comes a point in any piece where you have to let rip.
  6. He hunched slightly and, with Frankie holding his drill bit to the rock face, let rip.
  7. So at exactly 9.03 am, Faridah took command of the air waves and let rip.
  8. While some of the guitar solos meander, Young lets rip with enough grungy energy to keep you engrossed.
  9. Union negotiator Michael Mages said that Cockpit " could let rip at any second " with strikes.
  10. He's written one great ghoul, surrounded him with targets, and simply let him let rip ."
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