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  1. His technical innovations included the strengthened interior bracing mentioned above, a new method of leathering hammers, and quadruple stringing.
  2. As Karanacs says, I gave this article a bit of a leathering during its GA review, but it was little more than moving a few commas around.
  3. The restoration effort focuses on the re-leathering of the entire instrument as well as the correction of damage to pipework and mechanical systems sustained from construction and water in the intervening years.
  4. This requires an extensive " re-leathering " of the windchests every twenty-five to forty years depending upon the quality of the material used, the atmospheric conditions and the use of the organ.
  5. M . C . Bishop lists likely components as one shoulder plate, about 35 metal ( ferrous or copper alloy ) strips, 90-120 leathering rivets, 3 or 4 internal leathers, and one padded lining.
  6. On their time off the band wrote and recorded their sophomore LP " From the Bestiary to the Leathering Room " in their recording studio aboard the " Caleuche ", Bates'boat moored in Vancouver's False Creek.

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