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कृत्रिम चर्म
नक़ली चमड़ा
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  1. Inside, the upholstery received new woollen seats and leatherette headliner.
  2. The covers are mostly made of leather, leatherette or glass.
  3. And some of them even had leatherette-covered bodies.
  4. Its body is made of metal, covered with leatherette.
  5. The librarian brings two inch-thick scrapbooks, bound in black leatherette.
  6. There were chairs in grape-colored leatherette.
  7. She frowned as she unbuttoned her coat and settled deeper into the leatherette booth.
  8. Fully coated lenses and leatherette fanny pack included.
  9. In the afternoon, the men gathered on the pink leatherette sofas to watch soccer.
  10. Most copies were bound in leatherette covers.
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