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[ 'ledn ] sound:
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  1. By contrast I played golf last week under a leaden sky.
  2. Dark, leaden clouds gathered, and it began to drizzle.
  3. Warmed drinks are rich and have body but are not leaden.
  4. Now, the whole thing between two leaden candidates is somniferous.
  5. The whitish underside fur is a leaden gray towards the base.
  6. There is a slender blue-leaden streak along the termen.
  7. But other groups seem to have a more leaden hand.
  8. And often there are corporate histories, sometimes earnest, often leaden.
  9. "leaden " and " cardboard epic ."
  10. There was, about it all, a sense of leaden inevitability.


  1. made of lead; "a leaden weight"
  1. darkened with overcast; "a dark day"; "a dull sky"; "the sky was leaden and thick"
  2. lacking lightness or liveliness; "heavy humor"; "a leaden conversation"
  3. (of movement) slow and laborious; "leaden steps"
  4. made heavy or weighted down with weariness; "his leaden arms"; "weighted eyelids"

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