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  1. Arizona is one of the last states to sell leaded gasoline.
  2. They pull at the heavy wood doors with inset leaded glass.
  3. Properly maintained, leaded paint generally poses no hazard or risk.
  4. The poor suffer most from leaded gas, health specialists say.
  5. Leaded petrol to be phased out nationwide by January, NEW STRAITS
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  7. The sale of leaded gasoline has been banned in major cities.
  8. Do you remember when leaded fuel was outlawed in the 80s?
  9. They are also more sensitive to thermal stresses than leaded components.
  10. Some EDB in leaded gasoline converts to methyl bromide when burned.


  1. treated or mixed with lead; "leaded gasoline"; "leaded zinc"
  1. (of panes of glass) fixed in place by means of thin strips of lead; "leaded windowpanes"
  2. having thin strips of lead between the lines of type

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