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  1. School bus transport is available from the layby outside The Coach House.
  2. Parking is available nearby in a large layby.
  3. The road is dual carriageway standard throughout, including emergency laybys and hard shoulders in areas.
  4. Alex claimed that he left Linda in a layby and that she drove off at speed.
  5. It also has a Roadside Snack Bar called Big T's at the Breich Cross layby.
  6. He said he drove the boy to a layby where he anally raped him over the front seat.
  7. There remains a rare example of an AA phone box in a layby to the south of the pass.
  8. Laybys are found every 25 to 50 kilometres, while full rest areas are found every 80 to 100 kilometres.
  9. Its chapel ( originally a dovecote ) and the burial ground still remain, located by the Tenterden Drive layby.
  10. At the south end of the layby a footpath leads west into the forest, where the memorial is located at.
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  1. designated paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarily
    synonyms:pull-off, rest area, rest stop, lay-by

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