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• बरबाद कर देना
• बरबाद कर देना
lay:    लिटा देना संभोग
waste:    नाश अवशेष नुक़सान
to:    बन्द अवस्था में
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  1. Minefields now lay waste to arable land from Afghanistan to Cambodia.
  2. This provoked Shapur himself to invade and lay waste to Armenia.
  3. During the battle, the League lays waste to Nanda Parbat.
  4. He will lay waste to all who stand before him.
  5. In the process, they lay waste to the quaint old shop.
  6. A hog can lay waste to a pond dam.
  7. The Corrupted intended to lay waste to Earth instead.
  8. This second column entered Galicia and proceeded to lay waste to the land.
  9. A fusillade of energy bolts lay waste to perimeter buildings of the Alpha installation.
  10. She feared evil kings like Kali would continue to lay waste to the earth.
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