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  1. Still, it strikes me as unwise to assume that all the affection and pampering we lavish upon our pets will pay off somewhere down the road.
  2. Cloned kittens may sound like a technological marvel, but you could hardly ask for a better example of the overweening sentimentality that some pet owners lavish upon their pets.
  3. In this instance it was not enough for Stone and Milos Forman, his director, to invent a tale about a conflict between moral values and civil liberties, or about the obscene wealth that Americans lavish upon vulgarians.
  4. EDS NOTE TWO SLASHES IN PENULTIMATE GRAF ] UNDATED : Dog lovers traditionally have put up with their pets'bad breath, considering it a minor but malodorous trade-off for all the love and affection their pets lavish upon them.
  5. In his first Encyclical as Pope, " Deus caritas est ", Benedict XVI describes God as love, and talks about the love which God lavishes upon us and which we in turn must share with others through acts of charity.
  6. "See Spot Run " lavishes upon us more than a little of Arquette's overwrought shtick as a letter carrier who wrangles an overnight kid-sitting job to ingratiate himself with a single mom ( Leslie Bibb ) who's caught his eye.
  7. But if we are to lavish upon the verbiage of our opinions the detailed attention more appropriately reserved for the statute itself, more of the cases ( and some of the same cases ) have described the miscarriage-of-justice doctrine as a rule of permission rather than a rule of obligation.

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