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  1. This research contributed greatly to understanding the lateralization of brain function.
  2. For her thesis, Milner studied lateralization of temporal lobe function.
  3. This is the earliest demonstration of left-side lateralization to date.
  4. An ancient text known as " hemispheric lateralization in brain function.
  5. Each human s brain develops differently leading to unique lateralization in individuals.
  6. The results of this study provided evidence of hemispheric lateralization.
  7. A variety of scientific studies have found lateralization of emotions.
  8. It is now known that sense of agency is closely connected with lateralization.
  9. Seizures associated with ictal vomiting did not have any particular localization or lateralization.
  10. Another cortical bias relevant to reading comes from the lateralization of cerebral hemispheres.


  1. localization of function on either the right or left sides of the brain

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