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• केसर
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  1. Snyman outweighs Kayser by almost 20 kilograms ( 44 pounds ).
  2. The company's president, Howard Boyd, replaced Kayser.
  3. Some confusion exists between Fleischer rings and Kayser-Fleischer rings.
  4. Kayser-Fleischer rings are named after him and Bruno Fleischer.
  5. This peak was named after German geologist and paleontologist Emanuel Kayser.
  6. Chemerinsky and Kayser said elected councils would have more credibility.
  7. _Larry Kayser, Forest Hills, N . Y.
  8. Kayser told The Business Journal, a Portland weekly in an interview.
  9. Justin Swart, Stefan Terblanche and Deon Kayser each took a try.
  10. The bronze figures were recast at the Kayser Art Foundry in D�sseldorf.
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