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• कावामैटा
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  1. Kawamata is known for its production of silk and silk products.
  2. Students from these two schools were moved into Kawamata Elementary School.
  3. Originally, various districts of Kawamata had their own junior high schools.
  4. It features special appearances of other manga artists such as Chiaki Kawamata.
  5. Residents of Kawamata, including the mayor, have also visited Cosqu�n.
  6. There are four designated mountains in Kawamata : Mt.
  7. Kawamata, a former special forces, who becomes a mercenary for hire.
  8. He was a disciple of the school's founder, Kawamata Tsuneyuki.
  9. Takashi Kawamata is a well known Japanese cinematographer.
  10. Kawamata is a psychotic soldier who fell in with the Russian Special Operation Forces.
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