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  1. The integraph may be used to obtain a quadrature of the circle.
  2. Integraph says that Intel not only withheld vital information on its chips, it also joined its competitors in talking with Intergraph customers.
  3. Integraph shares rose $ 1.25, to $ 9; Intel shares gained $ 2.50, to $ 76.25.
  4. As a student at the School of Mines he invented a mechanical device ( which he called the " integraph " ) for plotting the integral of a function.
  5. An integraph consists of a rectangular carriage which moves left to right on rollers, two sides of which run parallel to the x axis on the Cartesian plane.
  6. The settlement brings the total amount Intel has paid or will pay to Integraph, a grcp ` hcs software and systems company based in Huntsville, Ala ., to $ 675 million.
  7. A direct development of the planimeter known as an integraph, or integerometer, can be used to establish the position of the centroid or center of mass of an irregular two-dimensional shape.
  8. The tournament was then developed and organized by Rob Esterling, executive director overseeing Intergraph Computer Systems's commercial and consumer graphics group, and his Integraph team including Jim Terzian, the tournament's director and Victor Johnson, the team's Art Director.
  9. It was Brown who in 1940, with the government for a client, founded the Servo-mechanisms Laboratory at MIT . Having built for his dissertation a primitive analog computer called the cinema integraph, Brown recognized the potential of writing instructions to machines to do simple tasks.
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