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• अंगभूत
• अविभाज्य
• पूरा
• संपूर्ण
• अनिवार्य
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  1. Consciousness, then, is composed of these three integrant and inseparable elements.
  2. Pinewood Elementary school makes up an integrant part of the city of Mascouche, Quebec.
  3. The Rallye PY�bram ( former Rallye Vltava ) used to be part of the European Championships, now is the integrant part of the national championships.
  4. After defeating Silva, Arona advanced to finals where he faced rising MMA fighter Maur�cio " Shogun " Rua, brother of Murilo Rua and Chute Boxe integrant.
  5. Pirroni had been an original member of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and was a short-time integrant of Cowboys International, but shortly afterwards went on to fame as a member of Adam and the Ants.
  6. He also wrote two monastic rulebooks, characterized by their pact-like nature, with the monastic communities ruled by an abbot, under the remote authority of a bishop ( " episcopus sub regula " ), and each integrant of the congregation having signed a written pact with him.
  7. His interest in this field led him to work during nine years as an integrant of the research group  NOMADS . usp  Center of Interactive Living Studies of the University of S�o Paulo, which in its turn led him to a Master s degree at the University of S�o Paulo and respective dissertation Hybrid Habitation : Interactivity and Experience in the Cyberculture Era ( 2007 ).
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