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• अनामी अस्थि
• नितंबास्थि
innominate:    अनाम
bone:    काँटा ढाँचा शरीर
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  1. These are fused into one ( the innominate bone ).
  2. Innominate bones are evolutionary significant in that they allow birds to lay eggs.
  3. Each of the flippers has seven innominate bone exists; it is replaced by a sheet of dense connective tissue.
  4. The acetabulum is a cavity situated on the outer surface of the hip bone, also called the coxal bone or innominate bone.
  5. These and other large elements like long bones, scapulae, sacra, and innominate bones were bagged individually and assigned their own unique catalogue number.
  6. Charles Immanuel Forsyth Major described " Myoryctes rapeto " in 1908 as a " giant subfossil rat " on the basis of two innominate bones ( pelvic bones ).
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  1. large flaring bone forming one half of the pelvis; made up of the ilium and ischium and pubis

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