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• अनाम
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  1. The album's innominate title actually came about by accident.
  2. These are fused into one ( the innominate bone ).
  3. The innominate is known from seven examples, but most are quite incomplete.
  4. Innominate bones are evolutionary significant in that they allow birds to lay eggs.
  5. The race was won by Tazbar, who defeated Innominate by an astounding 38 lengths.
  6. It introduced the concept of innominate terms, a category between " warranties " and " conditions ".
  7. Each of the flippers has seven innominate bone exists; it is replaced by a sheet of dense connective tissue.
  8. A shallower groove in front of the artery and near the edge of the lung, lodges the left innominate vein.
  9. Halfway along the ridge is Innominate Tarn, a popular beauty spot with an indented rocky shore and a line of tiny islets.
  10. The acetabulum is a cavity situated on the outer surface of the hip bone, also called the coxal bone or innominate bone.
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