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• अनपकारी पदार्थ
innocuous:    अनपकारी हानिरहित
substance:    अस्तित्व तत्त्व
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  1. Allergic reactions are hyperactive responses of the immune system to generally innocuous substances.
  2. The mixture separates into oxygen and an innocuous substance similar to table salt.
  3. Willhite said, noting that post offices routinely handled damaged mail containing sugar or other innocuous substances.
  4. "It would be foolish to " delude anyone that this is an innocuous substance, " he said.
  5. Another limitation of animal tests is their usual failure to detect risks that may result from interactions between two or more otherwise innocuous substances.
  6. "Here in Bangladesh, someone, trying to save money, substituted a lethal substance for what would have been an innocuous substance, " said Bennish in a telephone interview.
  7. In a plan that sounds almost like a medieval alchemist's dream, Bowman proposes to make it all quite literally disappear, transformed into a heap of safe and innocuous substances.
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