impeaches meaning in Hindi

impeaches sentence in Hindi
• अभियोग लगाना
• दोष लगाना
• दोषी ठहराना
• चुनौती देना
• नालिश करना
• संदेह करना
• अपराध लगाना
• आरोप
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  1. It is plain that almost no one wants to impeach him.
  2. Congress's duty is to impeach him, Robertson said.
  3. Right now, if you impeach him it would create turmoil.
  4. A failure to impeach, they fear, would license chaos.
  5. A House vote to impeach a president requires a simple majority.
  6. Should Congress censure him, impeach him or drop it altogether?
  7. Congressmen who wish to impeach vote yes, the rest nay.
  8. But the House may vote next week to impeach the president.
  9. IMPEACH _ WASHINGTON _ Coverage of debate over articles of impeachment.
  10. You are in jeopardy if you vote for impeach-ment.
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