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• बंधक रखना
• गिरवी रखना
• रेहन रखना
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  1. The 3rd kind assures means calls the right impawn
  2. Var based evaluation method for impawn rate of stock for combination
  3. Flow of existing legal person share basically has the following kinds of kind : the agreement is made over , auction , impawn and counter - purchase
  4. Loan of 7 , guarantee slip : if you are cast , be badly in need of spending money , the insurance contract of the cost of money that already can have applies for loan to insurance company for impawn
  5. It is the fixed deposit receipt with building a bank and construction bank bear sold national debt serves as impawn , if be during loan individual cannot reimbursement , the bank cashs deposit receipt or national debt will return loan
  6. Exist at present assure means has beijing housing loan to assure the joint liability that the center offers assures to assure ( the following abbreviation assures the center assures ) , and other assure means ( guaranty assures , impawn assures , joint liability assures to assure , guaranty safe , guaranty joint liability assures to wait )
  7. Commerciality individual housing borrows money ( mortgage loan namely ) compare loan of housing accumulation fund to want to the demand bearing of borrower comfortable a lot of , have the effective and resident status , natural person that has capacity of completely civil action to want to satisfy following condition to be able to apply for only : the profession that has stability , income and repay ability ; the capital fund that the bank is approbated serves as guaranty or impawn ; the unit of put on sale that buys housing with place signed the contract that buy a house or book of the intent that buy a house
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