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  1. Symington appealed his convic tions, saying his right to an impar tial jury had been violated.
  2. One of these ligaments is the impar ligament, which attaches the navicular bone to the coffin bone ( distal phalanx ).
  3. The "'striped legless lizard "'( " Delma impar " ) is a species of lizard in the Pygopodidae family endemic to Australia.
  4. Foye et al reported that repeated temporary nerve blocks by injection at the ganglion impar could give relief in a number of cases, and occasionally a single injection was sufficient.
  5. Inflammation from strain of the impar ligament can decrease blood flow to and from the navicular bone, as the major blood vessels supplying the bone run up and down this area.
  6. One of the management actions at Scottsdale is supporting the relocation of a number of vulnerable striped legless lizards ( " Delmar impar " ) from development sites in Canberra.
  7. Threatened reptiles that may reside in the park include the rare swamp skink ( " Egernia conventryi " ) and the vulnerable striped legless lizard ( " Delma impar " ).
  8. Rua Judice Biker and Rua Dr . Ant�nio Loreno ( then Luis de Cam�es ) are its next intersections, Impar buildings is in the northeast corner of the latter intersection and is located at another street.
  9. Fitzjames's cavalry regiment standard had a French design of a yellow field with a central radiant sun surmounted by a ribbon with the motto : " Nec Pluribus Impar ", [ Not Unequal to Many ].
  10. With this funding they created " Impar ", a netlabel that promotes experimental electronic music and new artists, offers free downloads, and hosts many of Danieto's tracks in the Impar music library available to download free.
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