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  1. He could impanel a jury then to assess possible punitive damages against Ford.
  2. The company said Wednesday it still has five more board members to impanel.
  3. The Assembly wanted to give judges greater leeway to impanel separate juries for sentencing.
  4. One possibility, Wall said, is that the judges would impanel a grand jury.
  5. The commander decides whether to impanel a court-martial or order a lesser form of military discipline.
  6. The Assembly bill omits the language about extraordinary circumstances, giving a judge more leeway to impanel a second jury.
  7. The high attrition rate has made Ito's decision to impanel an unusually large number of alternates look prescient.
  8. The commissioner will then impanel an advisory committee to consider how to strengthen foreign language standards and issue recommendations next spring.
  9. Later, he signed an executive order that impanels a commission to restructure the state's troubled mental health system.
  10. Other lawyers, including Dershowitz, said the real peril for the defense might come if the court does impanel a jury.
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  1. select from a list; "empanel prospective jurors"
  2. enter into a list of prospective jurors

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