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  1. The few immotiles constantly vie with each other for territories and resources.
  2. However plant cells are mostly immotile so morphogenesis is achieved by differential growth, without cell movements.
  3. Many papers have stated that this specific predatory prokaryote does not have cilia or flagella, rendering the prokaryote immotile.
  4. They consist of intelligent'immotiles'that breed and control vast armies of sub-sentient'motiles'via electronically extended neural interfaces.
  5. Upon learning of the Commonwealth's existence, the dominant immotile grouping, MorningLightMountain, makes it its primary objective to destroy the Commonwealth.
  6. Most simply described, macrovibrissae are large, motile and used for spatial sensing, whereas microvibrissae are small, immotile and used for object identification.
  7. The sperm present in male fish are immotile while in testes and in seminal fluid, and the fertilization environment determines when the sperm become motile.
  8. Larger volvocaceans have evolved a specialized form of heterogamy called oogamy, the production of small motile sperm by one mating type and relatively larger immotile eggs by another.
  9. The eggs are fertilised inside the female, though how the sperm enter the female is unclear since the sperm of this, and other related species, are apparently immotile.
  10. Some " Cryptomonas " species may also form immotile resting stages with rigid cell walls ( mitochondria have flat cristae, and mitosis is open; sexual reproduction has also been reported.
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  1. (of spores or microorganisms) not capable of movement

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